Black and white at Night

After cleaning up the dishes on a hot summer's night, I would go outside on the porch and meditate for a short time. Often, I would come back in feeling relaxed and free of the day's pestering thoughts. Sometimes, I would feel a sense of understanding of what I was thinking about. This process of sitting, relaxing, noticing your own thoughts seemed to lead to understanding. I decided to photograph the process as I saw it from my porch. I chose to photograph the experience of sitting, relaxing, organizing/settling in, focused breathing, mindful thoughts, and understanding. I photographed the place and ideas that describe my process of mindful introspection.

I used a large format camera and very long exposures to capture the soft night light. I used and experimented with many developer times for the negatives and scanned and edited the image on a computer. The prints were made on platinum paper.