Art Series


16"x 20" or 24"x 36" Inkjet on BFK Rives or Cold Press Paper, Digital and 4x5 Film Negatives.

This is an intimate documentary series on the life of a child with Down Syndrome. The drive to enjoy, be successful, are typical but perhaps not totally expected. This population is determined, and becomes driven to accomplish. The persistent effort to master minor tasks is admirable. The effort will often be years to accomplish something that another child accomplishes in months. For this reason, the small accomplishments are monumental successes. What is interesting to understand is that relatively speaking, their mastery of a task is greater than a typical child's mastery, if accomplishments were measured in effort. For example, it took three years of daily therapy by a parent working with a physical therapist four times a week to go from a baby unable to sit to a child walking. This is what made that first Frankenstein like walking so inspiring and insignificant. 

Artisticlly, I see it as postmodern intimate documentary photography similar to Nan Goldin. The gallery viewer looks at the child on the wall, a subject raised to attention, and identifies with the typical scene. The intent of the work is to have the viewer perceive the child as a typical as well. Therefore, he is demarginalized by the viewer. It's influenced by Diane Arbus. Taking a marginalized person and making them look typical rather than different. I photograph the child at the moment and angle that look visually typical to deemphasize any physical challenge and emphasize the child.   

Sustainable World

Bamko, Mali/New York Exhibition, 2012.

24"x36" Inkjet on Platinum Paper, Digital Image

Created for an exhibit between Mali and New York on sustainability. Dairy farmers of the Hudson Valley Fresh co-op practice high standards of milk production because they feel they should make the best milk they can. They charge more, make less money, and have created a sustainable dairy farming model for their land and families.

The New Normal: Chemotherapy

Digital Images.


A work in progress. I am taking old images and creating a book of the daily activities of a child in chemotherapy treatment.

Black and White at Night.

16"x20" Inkjet on Platinum Paper, 4x5 Film Negatives.

Long exposures at night.