I have experience in news, event, and documentary photography. I recently graduated with a BFA in Photography, holding internships with the Poughkeepsie Journal and the Leonard Freed Archives, Leonard was a Magnum photographer. 

Commercially I am building a portfolio of studio work while also working on a new gallery series. I am actively looking for a permanent position.

Artistically, I have mostly worked on art school projects, still life, and intimate documentary photographs starting with my son and now documenting other children with special needs. I hope to show the effects that creating art has on their lives. 

I am also a former assist to Brigitte Freed who is Leonard Freed's wife, collaborator, and printer in creating photo-books, art exhibitions, and presenting works for acquisition by institutions. It was my responsibility to assist with administrative tasks, organize the print library, create new photo-books, and scan and edit prints. I also design show catalogs in InDesign, as well as assisting with exhibitions.

— Daniel Timoldi 2015



Phone: 845.926.2824

Email: dan@dantimoldi.com